jazz pizazz

My father’s listening to a Ray Charles CD now. I never knew he had it, or I’d have borrowed it for our project.

But anyway, jazz is horrible. It’s acceptable with original songs, because you had no idea these songs could be better, but Ray’s version of Eleanor Rigby is playing right now, and it doesn’t feel emo or cathartic anymore, with all the tambourines and brass every beat.

Also, the comic strip is an underrated medium because there’s only so much you can convey in three or four panels. I’d have enough trouble trying to come up with a punchline in four panels, let alone add any other elements. I’d try my hand at drawing and maintaining a comic strip, except that I can’t draw.

(Still, I do a mean circle. The ends of my circles meet almost 20% of the time! And my famous dead sheep! They look dead most of the time, especially when I substitute their eyes for large blinking “X”s!)


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