sauteed crapstick

Oh my goodness, I found the same pen-selling lady at YCK MRT station AGAIN, except she was with another pen-selling lady. Together they cornered small boys, blocking the way of one of them. That first boy escaped, while his bemused friend watched on, grinning. The two ladies noticed the second boy, and went all, “Hey! Boy! Ah, you!” and I was so put off that I stopped watching and left for my train. Is this what community service is all about?

Went to visit Jonlian in the hospital today, with the others. Jonlian broke his collarbone two days ago, while trying to do a handstand. He is awesome. So is the unglamourous hospital-patient photo I got of him. I await the day where I shall unleash it on him, and make him scurry to buy me a meal to keep that photo under WRAPS.

Would have to be a pretty big one, too.


Potatoes and beets are like homework.


Though, going by that logic, I am really similar to Hitler. NOT TRUE.


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