anteater is a close second, though

My holidays are three days in. I can’t even begin to describe anything, and I probably never will. I’ve been through thirteen hours of CIP, a birthday celebration, a funeral wake, two batches of pesky pre-teens and a Macbook addiction. If I would sum up the holidays so far I would say AARDVARK, because any other thing would seem relatively indecorous.

Let’s hope the next few days aren’t as aardvarky. Why is aardvark spelled with two “A”s? Desperate attempt to make it to the front of the dictionary.

Since I last posted, I have deduced that Mas Selamat is Mendaki Idol. Don’t ask why. I am also very good at pissing people off, and getting people to start developing a form of wry disdain for me, in which they laugh at everything I do. Like a girl from the P4 Camp today. It’s nice to keep track of my skills now and then, because they may come in handy against incontinent Asians.

I have no idea of what I’m talking about, of course. I’m just coagulating words into phrases and sentences. If I do that for long enough, it’ll become entertaining.

Also, GEPpers these days are becoming insufferable. They shout requests at you and DON’T SAY THANK YOU. Some dumb China girl (large dolllike eyes, clear but piercing dolllike voice, two long China-girl pigtails) kept asking me questions on the way to the programme, and she asked me to help her hold her files and everything for five minutes and DIDN’T SAY THANK YOU. And she was like, “Can I throw this [dumb star-shaped thing] on your head?”

I ignored her. I hate rude people. And ironic ones as well.

Weeping reckons I can’t get them under my thumb.

Weeping: “If you get them to call your Grandmaster by the end of today, I’ll say you’re good.”

I only had a few minutes with them, because the teacher taught during the sessions and I sat at the back, quietly earning my CIP hours. I didn’t even try.


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