bonsai human

Lit lesson was interesting today. Ms Johnson was sitting in, along with Ms Kuang. They were to talk with us for one hour about various Rafflesian stuff, like how we can’t hold a proper conversation or look a person straight in the eye, or have social graces and common sense, even the Lit RA students. Especially us, really.

We didn’t touch our notes today, but it was a meaningful lesson all the same. There’re people who think Lit students are really just idiots who read books and write notes in all the margins and crossdress and do little skits in high-pitched voices. I shrug those off – life isn’t about pleasing everyone – but there is truth in the accusations, in some of us, at least. While there are good speakers, charismatic and charming dudes amongst us, I think we see more of the gauche, book-toting nerds who try to hang around looking learned. Maybe it’s something about being Rafflesian. We’ve never exactly had time to learn about charm and wit, and all the other things that will really carry you through your life. Instead, we get a whole load of arrogance and hot air. We go around expecting favours from our seniors and teachers, scowling when they aren’t granted, muttering mutinously as you skulk away. It is not a pleasant sight. The only thing worse than being arrogant is being arrogant when you obviously aren’t qualified to do so.

It doesn’t work that way. If you’re going to want respect, you better damn well make sure you earn it. Being a humanitarian only in name and paper qualifications won’t get you there.

Tennis finals today.

It was exciting to look forward to. I’ve never gone to support a tennis match in RI, even though Tennis is one of the few sports Raffles can expect to cruise to the finals. This year it’s different. We have a resident tennis captain, and it was our duty to turn up and support him. He may not be amongst the best players or the first team, but he has probably worked the hardest, done the most in the team, and it was only right that we gave him a motley bunch of fanboys, if only for an afternoon.

Tennis is quite a nice game to spectate. The play is beautiful, the sky sunny and everything. Around two sets into the games, heavy rain ensued.

Jarrell: It’s raining on our parade! Hahaha!
Me: …Not funny.

The few of us went to City Hall to eat, before leaving for home. We discussed random stuff again, like How Wealthy Is Everyone, What If Some Girl Liked R In JC and What Tacos Will We Buy. I like my class. I feel almost normal next to them. (It’s also interesting to know how much boys gossip. We could hold our own against the fairer sex any time.)

And thus the tennis finals (or what’s left of it) will be held tomorrow. I have a Lit lecture then. (though who cares about Greek art? Only those weird guys who walk around school wearing nothing but, uh, togas with “GREECE” printed across the middle.) Good luck, Captain Shoujian.


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