fart jokes are twice as awesome as fat jokes and lame jokes put together

I got my CIP verification letter thingy from Heartware! That’s five hours down.

Also, Heartware has a really lame slogan.

“if it doesn’t come from the heart, it’s not worth doing”

Please! I could say the same about “if you don’t get CIP hours”, “if there’s no money involved,” or “if Jessica Alba doesn’t immediately notice what you’re doing and give you a peck on the cheek”. Of COURSE it doesn’t come from the heart.

I survived Trigo TA better than I’d expected. The questions in the worksheets were all pretty hard, but I managed to do everything in the TA! And then later on I realised that I got the answer wrong for the second question. BUT IT’S OKAY. Seven or eight marks is much better than FAIL/10.

Also, we’re tasked to come up with a humorous fictional piece of writing by Thursday. I’d probably just freak out on Wednesday night and copy out an excerpt from Harry Potter, changing all the places it mentions Harry Potter to “Ron Weasley”, and vice versa. Now that’d be funny. In a really sad, twisted way.

Or I could make fart jokes. Teenagers love fart jokes.

Q. What did the flatulent guy say to his girlfriend?
A. Fart!

Hahaha! I really underrate my sense of humour; I AM capable of fart jokes! That makes me vaguely witty, right?


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