bohemia is not a bad word

My computer is full of shit. Own up now! Because there’re always those cistern thingies in the toilet, or urinals, and WHO TOOK A DUMP IN THE URINAL? is so much better than WHO TOOK A DUMP IN MATTHEW’S COMPUTER?

I shall be getting a new computer next Sunday latest! The IT Show visits again. I’ll start being nice to the parents again, so they’ll get me a Macbook and a digital camera! Awesome. No one refuses Mooty when he puts on his blue suede shoes, especially when he kicks them in the nuts and snatches their wallets.

The Science Club ended their two part announcement thriller today’s morning assembly. They had prerecorded some clips alluding to tunnels and Harry Potter (though I may have imagined up the Harry Potter bit in my untamed and unbounded amusement) and they played it. The voice acting was horrible, and the background noises drowned out the voices, so it kinda evened out to a state of general ineptitude. I thank God that where He gave brains aplenty, he left out the other stuff. Like living out an interesting life, or creativity, or getting filthy lucre.

Also, Ryan has reached the level of lameness which we don’t even reprimand him for. We just stare at our classmates in equally commiserating stares and/or slam the tables in despair. Ryan’s a nice guy when he doesn’t open his mouth, but I WANT TO DISEMBOWEL HIM every time he says something stupid.

Totally stealing my glory, that Ryan.


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