Whoo! I got full marks for the math CCT!

It’s just something the class hates me for. It’s like, when anyone else gets full marks for something, it’d be a happy occasion, but I get full marks and the class glares at me and screams, “TYCO!” I’ll probably fail the next one, but c’est la vie! The trick is to milk your minor victories for as long as you get.

Shihang: …damnit! You got lucky this time!
Me: Oh, shut up. Do your corrections.

I grow weary of our form teacher. I can stand sarcastic teachers, I can stand lame teachers, I can stand teachers who don’t support the same football team as I do, but I will never, ever bear a teacher who doesn’t have a sense of humour.

“Why you’all laugh so much ah?”

o_o That’s like asking us why we fart from our noses, or come up with bad analogies.


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