but then not ALL americans are dumb

Singapore won the Youth Olympic Games bid!

I have no idea what to feel. I had been following the shortlists with passing interest. It’s pretty cool that we won, anyway. There’d be tourists everywhere in 2010, taking photos!

If I still have an ORA card to fill up, I could con them with a dog and a Chinese accent.

Me: Masters! Masters! Come here!
Tourists: Yes?
Me: I poor boy. I name Chang Fei. This my dog Bilo. It do tricks. Do tricks Bilo! *Bilo dies*
Tourist: Oh, the poor native! Let’s donate some money!
Me: Yes, thanks you our great masters! Write your name also, is good luck.
Policeman *runs over*: Boy! What are you doing there! You’re not allowed to tout on the streets –
Me: Oh no! Is my stepfather! He’s will beat me! I run! Bye!


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