yes, I am bigoted, deal with it

The ACS(I) boy who commited suicide has a blog.

It’s pretty weird to visit the blog of someone – passed on, isn’t it? It was updated last week, but there’s something empty in the blog. You know there will never be a new post, be new input or insight. You scan through the posts for hints of his eventual demise, but find nothing. Nothing nice.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, this 2 girls come to sit beside me.

” Hi, whats your name?”
” er,”
“Whats your name?”
” why?”
” We would like to talk to you”
” er ok, wenyi”

and blah blah, what year and sht and my religion.




so go on and on abt the gospel how they are christians and blah blah.

After like so long.

” Why dont you just go find somewhere else to talk to…”
” We have specially chosen you, God..” whatever whatever.

So i say i dont want to talk abt god.

And they came on abt this story.

They talked about sheeps.

” The shepherd had 1000 sheeps, one day 1 of the 1000 sheeps got missing, and the shepherd went all he could to look for that one sheep not caring the 999 other sheeps.
THIS is how god is like, you are precious to him, he will do all he can to get your attention to get you.”

Oh and fk you, so god is now a irresponsible dickhead who will willingly toss away 999 lives to save 1 person.

The only god is wenyi, now just bow before and suck my dick.

It’s funny in a really sad way, right? How he probably went down refusing to put his hope in the chance of something higher, something mightier.

What a rude shock it must have been.


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