got a few thousand words down there, then

I like my planner. It’s one of the few organised things about me (that is, if you ignore the crazy doodles. I have invented whole alien races [like the Faps – to be introduced in another post, perhaps] and 3D wonders in this planner.). I even do homework now!

And it looks deceptively bohemianly messy, too!

Also, you know something’s wrong when you now use ‘hippy’, ‘indie’ and ‘bohemian’ interchangeably.

This morning I woke up at ten to see my mother with another man, in the kitchen. He was seven, and looked pretty stoned. I have no idea why anyone would give tuition before 10 in the morning just to earn some money on the side.

I would consider it if it earned me money and/or substantial CIP hours, but the kid was fairly autistic-looking, and we all know what would REALLY happen if I had to tutor a fairly autistic kid.


I drew that on the whiteboard at the CC today, where we were doing CIP. (I would talk about that to clarify, but CIP events are hardly blogworthy.) Heh, I’m gory and morbid and perfectly insane! Someone, quick, nominate me for an Emmy!

I drew that because I drew

and Stacy thought it was morbid. I mean, this isn’t morbid at all! It’s even kind of cute. Hehehe. Yay, win! I should find a cute bunny photo and caption it thus.

I had a full packet of Fruit Juice Bears on Thursday night.

I had many Fruit Juice Bears on Friday morning.

I had Fruit Juice Bears on Friday night.

I had one Fruit Juice Bear this morning.

I don’t have any Fruit Juice Bears.


Not before this demonic union of bears, captured with an ailing camera. I just realised that the bears look like Clinton and Obama. Ha! Take that, Clinton! I had your head for breakfast, woman!

The CIP was really boring. We cut circles even as we had expected to get kids to take care of / amuse.

Yiling: Let’s think of some games for them!
Me: Oh, they’re Muslim right? Anyone got any cards? We could let them play bridge.
Them: What?
Me: Then we could tell their parents they’re gambling, and they’ll, like, get sent to rehab!

Who did you think I meant “to amuse”?

[I know I am an I in DISC, but it took awhile to get used to being Inane, Idiotic, and Iffensive (which basically means ‘offensive’ in a really alliterative way).]


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