which means I’m totally lucky I didn’t go to HCI

My father’s birthday lies on Valentine’s Day. It’s pretty weird.

I’m staying up tonight. I usually try to sleep before twelve because I still want to GROW UP but some days are just… coffee days.

Coffee doesn’t work on me. I think I should just inject caffeine into my veins.

– Philo assignment (presentation likely tomorrow)
– Lit writing start, humour

– Total Defence Day *tearful hugs and applause as we run around the hall, finding someone to celebrate with. Damn, I just love saying that.*
– Thermometer day
– 12.40pm RT exco meeting
– 2/2.30pm? Aaron Maniam speech
– 3.30 – 6.30: Michael Huxley workshop, part two
– thereafter: helping out at the Lunar New Year dinner to give back to the community
– sister leaves for New Zealand at the same time

Whatever happened to free Friday afternoons! Note that I’m skipping waterpolo AND Raffles Players already.

Talking about nostalgia, I arrived in school today in shorts, because I couldn’t find the pants. Everyone laughed at me and said that I look like a Sec One. I was so pissed.

I do.


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