it’s not that easy to make jokes funny, except those of the FART variety

I was late for PSGM today, but, yes, the Sec Ones really gave Junyong hell, apparently. Even afterwards:

Sec One: Hey, Junyong, do you like the movie Shrek? *giggles*

And I was pretty surprised that he made the same joke as me, but I guess there’s only so many jokes you can make about something. Sec Ones don’t know that. They think continually making jokes about the same thing is being funny.

Or maybe the Sec One reads my blog. A few weeks back some guy went up to me and said, “Eh, Matthew, how come you haven’t updated your blog in so long!” “What? I update everyday!” “Wait, your blog is the one with the Chicken Little blogskin, right?” My English blog, and they found it!

I fear the day where I would walk into their class and they’d burst into laughter, pointing at me and making weird tiramisu-esque jokes. Little tykes!

I was late for PSGM because I went to meet Ms Kuang. Every year, the LitRA students meet her to discuss their literary plans. It’s pretty cool, except for the fact that since last year’s conversation, I haven’t done much.

Ms Kuang: So last year, you mentioned that you wanted to do a novel, right?
Me: …whut? I said that?

I mentioned that I want to do humorous non-fiction commentaries, as in a Neil Humphrey’s column. (I wouldn’t have considered non-fiction last year. Things change.) She recommended me to Dave Barry.

Dave Barry is pretty funny, in a silly kind of way. I’ll read his articles for awhile and see what happens. Humour is a really tall order, after all. I mean, you know that fine line between charming insanity and sheer lameness? Last I noticed, I’d erased it.


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