I look stupid but, uh, they’re worse, right?

The latest community service thing to hit school is Youth Got Heart!

It is hilarious. I now play a game called “Discover the Pun” with my friends.

“Wow, YOUTH Got Heart! Geddit? It’s like YOU’VE got heart, except it’s YOUTH got heart! Awesome! It’s like, the YOUTH refers to YOU, except it actually sounds more like YOU’VE! Oh. My. Gosh. It’s like a pun! Wow! It’s YOUTH got Heart!…”

Ironically enough, I was so busy laughing at the catchy name that I have no idea what the whole Youth Got Heart thing is all about.

…though I can totally imagine such a crazed soulless CIP supporter as Stacy to sign up for everything available, just for the CIP hours. I bet she’d do it if the community gave her one CIP hour to kneel down before it and call it “Uncle”! Gosh.

(Not that I wouldn’t.)

(Also, serving the community to amass CCA points to join the communist school? Whaaaaat??? Everyone knows that the communists go around unshelving library books and pushing old people off wheelchairs JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT.)


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