my hitherto unrevealed tennis ball fetish

We didn’t go visiting yesterday. I basically spent the day at home doing nothing, even though we have visiting today and tomorrow and Sending Sister Off At The Airport today.

My sisters will depart for New Zealand one after the other, leaving me with the parents for nine months! What cruelty! Also, I need a camera and/or a new funky cameraphone. I like the Sony-Ericsson W950i, in brown.

I have been growing plants on my desk, on a whim. It’s pretty fun, and I just have to water it each time I remember, pouring a bit of my cup into the containers. YES, I’ve been sharing my cup with the plants. JEALOUS?

The green bean plant is really easy to grow. It’s like super tall now in just two weeks, but I accidentally threw a tennis ball on it and the stem looks dead and crumpled. The chilli plant is really slow. I planted four seeds, and two sprouts are just beginning to appear, but it’ll probably be sturdier and stuff.

There was something about gardening in my devotional yesterday: patience, fruits of the Spirit, whatever. What is God trying to tell me about my plants? Should I be worried? Are bouncy missiles detrimental to the growth of an average green bean plant?

Such questions, I may never find the answer, but at least I can contend myself with the fact that I have green fingers.

Green, as in tennis ball.

Bwahaha! I snuggle myself into schoolbags of random RI boys and pretend to be their Wilson Trainer! I totally wasn’t stolen from the RI PE department!


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