magical mystery tour of magical mystery houses

After one more night of the Xbox at my grandmother’s house, I am so much better at Winning Eleven. I beat Jeremiah in an epic 40 minute game! 5-4! I equalised three times and brought the score to 5-3 before he scored his fourth and threatened to equalise, at which point I started clearing the ball all the time to stifle his play till the final whistle. Like, important day for all people-who-don’t-have-Xboxes everywhere!

That said, I need an Xbox. My skillz are in need of honin’.

Jeremiah will join rugby. He does have the build for it, though I beat him in arm wrestling. Still, in rugby, you just throw yourself at your opponent and hope to crack some bones. It’s easy.

Talking about fat people,

Spanks: Mooty, you’re still so short!
Me: Well, you’re not exactly very THIN yourself!
Wayne: Matthew! How could you say that!
Me: Uh, he provoked me.
Wayne: Well, that’s still not very nice. Spanks has feelings too!
Me: HUH? Wait, seriously? I thought he was just an animate blob of tofu!

I found that really funny. I mean, tofu! Haha!

And I can make fat jokes, because everyone says I’m fat, right? Gosh, being self-deprecating has never been so fun before!


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