and then there were none

Since I last visited, my grandmother’s lift still doesn’t stop at every floor.

My Chindian cousins are already in the room, playing Winning Eleven. They bring their small TV and Xbox over and play every year. It’s fun, and I play with them. I am horrible at it, especially since they probably play everyday. I need an Xbox.

Jeremiah is Sec One this year, and he went to SJI. BOO. It’d have been so fun if he went to RI, me being a PSL and all. His brothers will probably follow in his footsteps though – they’re all in St Michael’s! Gabriel is P5, the good-looking one of the lot. Matthias is P2, and cute and boisterous.

[concedes goal]
Matthias: Uh… HAHAHAHA! [does the ‘L’ sign to a random person] Eh, you know what this means? HAHAHA!

He will grow up to be a me! Somebody, kill him before it’s too late!

They switch games to Fifa Street 2 afterwards. I am much better at that.

Aunty Karen prepares dessert every year. Her brownies are nice! I totally have to try baking brownies again once the oven’s in order.


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