tortilla chipped tooth

Squirt has been put in her place. The war on terror goes on. February approaches; the Not-So-Cool Kids in class moan and vex themselves about getting a Valentine. Gosh. Valentine’s Day is pretty ridiculous, if not pathetic. No, love isn’t overrated, it’s just OVERPRICED.

Awesome, then, that it falls a week after Chinese “Moolah” New Year.

In other news, my emo gym in the corner of the class has dismantled. My gym is two tall stacks of 11 chairs each. You could sit down and stare out the window for awhile, or you could do body dips with the stacks. But apparently some people needed chairs. And I was wondering why we had 22 spare chairs in our class.

Also, the Sec Ones still go all “MATTHEW!!!!!!!” in their collective high-pitched voices when they see me in the canteen. Just great. I shall invite them to my house some day, and get them to tidy my room for me. And clean my shoes with their tongues. The Sec Ones are a very pleasant lot.

Sec One: Do you know about… the Bishan Gay?
PSL: Uh, yeah.
Class: HAHHAHAHA! Bishan gay!
Sec One: Does he have… AIDS?

It seems to be all they talk about nowadays. I find it disturbing. One day, I shall find the time to sit down and have a little chat with them. And subtly shift their attention back to me.

I mean, my shoes are totally needing good lickin’.


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