flame on, but not in that way

We are not affiliated with RGS (except some of our more, uh, moobed friends).

I say this because one day, someone’s going to chance upon this squirt’s blog and (God forbid) think that we’re all like that. ALL RAFFLESIANS.

While RGS is lost beyond hope, I’d like to think that there are humane people in RI, who don’t give a damn if you’re from Raffles or Baffles or IMH.

My class heard of the “Rafflesians = elitist little shits” article in mypaper, and we were all indignant, defending our honour. We are, of course, all slightly elitist, whether we know it or not, but being proud of your inherent elitism? Also, using your blog as an outlet for your brazen thoughts? Sneering at NSK kids on your blog when you probably couldn’t muster the courage to insult them in public? Dude, that is so weak.

You see, the problem with elitism is that most people who practice it are too arrogant to listen to others, and in fact are fueled by the encouragement of the people who agree with them. Like some tagger the squirt had:

31 Jan 08, 21:57


I rest my case. People actually encourage her to be a mean little bitch and disguise that as sexy aloofness, or whatever RGS girls try to pass off as these days. As a result, such poseurs think elitism is cool, the coolest standard of greatness and superiority there is to offer.

I admit it. I am smart, and proud of it. I want to do great things, to go where no one has ever gone before, to earn lots of money and have smart kids, so they in turn carry on the tradition of being excellent. Yet I know that I don’t actually have anything. Whatever I have to my name right now is God-given.

God made everyone. Some, he decided to make good-looking. Some, he decided to make smart. Some, he decided to make starkly mediocre. To some he gave nice, caring, educated parents. To the others he assigned poor, grumpy parents. If everyone was equal in all aspects, where would the world be today? It would be chaos, with everyone wanting to lead the world, everyone wanting to be at the top. God stratified society. For whatever reason I do not profess to know, but it has turned out into a better system by far. People with greater merit have a clear path to the top, while the rest are content to sit back, be the sheep of the leaders in exchange for their livelihood and security.

In a few decades’ time, chances are that some of us Rafflesians will step up into ministerial positions, lead Singapore into a different age, better or worse. Are we going to snub the followers, the contributers to the economy and society, and live in our large, luxurious houses, ignoring the cries of your citizens, because they are ‘not good enough’?

God can give, and he can take away. That has been much evidenced. I recall an incident in the past: Hwa Chong boy, car accident, boom, forgets everything he’s learnt, starts from ABCs. Perhaps it was God’s way of punishment, perhaps it was a reminder to the rest of us. You really have nothing that the others don’t, or can’t ever have. We all have two eyes, two ears, a mouth and a brain. We could be as smart (or stupid) as the next man in a jiffy. It’s up to you if you want to make the most of your abilities to serve the other less fortunate, or if you want to sit in front of your computer, spouting all sorts of incongruous spiteful statements about neighborhood school kids.

Do I make sense? I have no idea. I’m running out of coherent sentences for today – please wait for tomorrow for more.


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