we’ll show our might might might!!!!!!11111111

The general consensus is that my voice totally doesn’t suit my face. My waterpolo junior said that to me while I was busy floating around, annoying people and reminding them of my seniority, in case they forgot.

What can I say? It is perfectly true. I am a PSL. The Sec Ones already treat me like the resident jester. Without my voice, I am NOTHING.

So – Term 1 Week 5. Relatively homework-free, but everything’s just piling up, the projects and miscellaneous commitments. Circular measure test on Monday OMG NO! and I think a Raffles Players meeting after school. Lit lesson on Tuesday, possibly visit to some exhibition, I wasn’t listening when she announced that. And from Wednesday onwards I’m home free, possibly even an NYPS outing on Wed.

Raffles Players. I am one of the most incompetent and nervy actors EVER, but I’m on the shortlist, and oh God please let me get into the cast! I mean I really want to ACT since I can’t really write. And I wanna be in Drama Feste as well!

And I want to propose a revamp of the Rafflesian Times in time for the bumper issue in Term Two. Shihang calls it a tabloid, and what can I say? It IS.

I want to do everything this year. I want to leave the school having left my tiny size 9 footprint somewhere. Not just on the walls of my classroom as well, in yet another of my brazen fits.

Me: [kicks the wall, leaving instant imprint]
Passer-by: What the hell?!

Uh, strictly hypothetical situation.


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