mypaper ran a report on how RI boys are elitist. Not like many people read mypaper anyway, but the article could have been… timelier. Say, published AFTER we get people to donate for the ORA donation card, not BEFORE.

(at least other schools use the guise of a Food/Funfair to raise funds! We don’t even bother!

Still, not like anyone would want to go to an RI food/funfair. I mean, what games? “Spot A Non-Myopic And Good-Looking RI Boy From The Crowd And Walk Away With A Solar-Powered Car”? “Guess What Subject Combination This Boy Is Taking And Win A Sweet Plus”?)

We’re studying Comedy for Lit this year, it’s been perfectly jolly so far. My favourite comedy is still South Park, though I haven’t watched it in awhile. Season 12 starts in February or March! I can’t wait!!!!

Comedy is so much better than Tragedy, yet so much harder. (having a printout of my Definitive Guide To Being Funny with you helps, though)

You know how you listen to music, and suddenly the lyrics just jump out at you, and you actually start listening to the song lyrics for once? Catharsis.

Hernwei and I were giving R (who didn’t want his real name displayed for fear of embarrassment, especially since it has happened so often in previous posts.) a tutorial in Generally Being More Socially Adept. I am good in thus – I should totally charge people money to counsel them.

Me: The first thing you should learn is to defend against all the people who insult you. Okay, what would you say if, uh, I say, “R, you suck man. Look at your hair, it’s so ugly! I mean, if I were you I would totally kill myself! Whatever, whatever!”
R: … I don’t know what to say. It sounds so true!

Oh, man. I should totally pay people to counsel them.


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