impending deaf

Do you know how freaky it is when you’re trying to study Physics while standing in a crowded MRT train, and suddenly this guy in long black sleeves (and generally wearing everything else a guy in long black sleeves would wear. They are ONE in dress code.) pulls out his iPod and listens to it, and the next thing you know, you can hear his music (incidentally, some crappy death metal or blah) perfectly clearly?

(…yes. The whole paragraph was one enormous rhetorical question. It isn’t even grammatical, but it sounds like how I would talk, like I’m constantly interrupting myself.)
I don’t like Physics this year. I need an entertaining teacher to teach me or I’ll go mad and start writing limericks and haikus and my invented poetry forms and story ideas for my new novel. It sucks to be a literary person, because you can distract yourself with a piece of foolscap.
Octopus’ Garden is my current favourite Beatles’ song.

We would be
so happy, you and me

Amazing, the wonders a simple rhyme scheme can do.

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