what what what??

My weekend was destined to be homework-free. Yep, that’s gonna be my excuse in case anyone asks. If all else fails, there’s always the “MY INTERNET ISN’T WORKING AND THIS GIVES ME AN EXCUSE TO BE EXTREMELY CRABBY AND VULGAR, YOU FAT LUMP OF DICKWAD” defence. It always works, though not like I’ve actually tried it for myself.

On Friday afternoon there was a Raffles Players training! (I’ve been shortlisted for the annual production! Praise the Lord! … but not yet.) It was a pretty bizarre training, but not like I’m not used to it, since CAP Drama. Then they watched a staging of Army Daze, but I had to rush off home and HCI for HUNGRY. (you know, I still tend to think no place is too far from my home? I call it the Orchard Resident Syndrome.) I had to take a taxi to HCI, in peak hour and in the wake of the new fare hikes. My wallet’s still reeling.

[and hey the fried dumplings at S11 are pretty good! Ten for $5. I wanted to take away half of them for my family. I have no idea what happened next.]

I thought Hungry would be largely funny, with rare tragic parts, but it was pretty much the opposite. Comic relief came from Jon Lian’s famed brother, who played some enigmatic god figure. Drama CAPpers were everywhere, but I doubt any would have remembered me. I was totally fade-into-carpet-ish.

Cheryl deserted us for her friends thereafter, and the rest of us friendless creatures (Geoff, Greg, Stacy) departed for Newton for a really expensive supper. I would post funny stuff, but I’ve forgotten all of them, and I don’t have photos to accompany anything. Greg also writes funny quotes in his phone. It’s been working great for me so far.

Me [matter-of-fact]: Hey, don’t drink Pepsi! It kills your sperm.
Stacy: …what?

Somewhen or other my EZ-Link card came into the picture. Its 100% Induce Laughter Rate remains intact.


I’m going to leave it at “And then we left for home”, because I have a revulsion for details.
…don’t look at me like that. My Internet isn’t working.


Saturday was Brain’s / Hernwei’s birthday celebration. Their birthdays are like Wednesday or something. You know how guy gatherings get predictable after awhile? Play pool at Meridien before going for dinner in a restaurant at PS or otherwise.

We went to Seoul Garden – it is horribly expensive at $28, which is why I don’t really go there much. I eat more than people expect of me, but I doubt I’m capable of anything above $20. (I don’t even like 60% of seafood! I am King of Being Cheaply Satiable!)

Evidently Rich has been reading my Coolness guide!

-bling that looked a mixture of some pagan cross and the Hwachong logo
-rubber wristband
-a Winnie the Pooh shirt
-over that, an unbuttoned checkered shirt
-jeans too short

The pool place at Marina Centre was strictly NC16 – “After birthday only” – so we separated soon after.

This year, when I turn sixteen, I’ll probably have a party, or gathering of some sort. I am in desperate need of expensive presents!

[not that that should discourage you. My motto in life has always been, “All presents are equal! (except the expensive ones)”]


You know, everything sounds funny once you add an “S” at the back of it? IT IS HILARIOUS.

I also happen to be in the team that’s planning waterpolo CIP. So, uh, in case you see our projects “More Items, More Lucks!” and “Little Blind Swimmers Have Funs!” in the newspapers or out on the streets of Bishan, that’s us.

At this juncture, is it morally justifiable for me to be damned proud of myself?


I’m having a problem with my outer self.

It’s like, I used to be really shy and all, so I tried to open up and be vocal.

Yet, now, everytime I try to be vocal, it comes out as fart instead.


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