AND their brains have dropped to beneath their legs

I haven’t had Internet or TV or a tidy house for six days now, but school will carry on. Indeed, I am so lucky that moving house has come at a time when I’m not completely swamped by academic and CCA commitments (though, indeed, what CCA commitments?).

Today was pretty interesting. I was sitting on the stack of chairs by the window (my new Emo Seat. It’s not as awesome/tall as the one last year, but it’ll do.) when I heard screams. It was slightly odd, since my class doesn’t really scream, they just get pissed and make gay banter and make up like every ten minutes.

Burger has a Sec One stalker! Then we’re all like, “Huh? Which school? RGS??” but, nah, said stalker hailed from Raffles Institution. He’d sent Burger several SMSes, and was all, “I have been checking up on you. You’re in judo right? I am also going to try to get into judo too.”-ish. For us Sec Fours to be thoroughly grossed out by a Sec One was a really humbling experience; I promise it will never happen again.

We had a Lit RA welcome party for the new Sec Threes on Tuesday. I think there’s a homosexual (or more) within, can’t be sure. Definitely extremely effeminate, though. Must write it down in my black Moleskin notebook! (assuming I had a black Moleskin notebook that all super-sleuths have)

I’m going to have to spend Community Day with Waterpolo! Why can’t we go with our CLASSES instead of our CCAs??? Grah. I can’t be perfectly sure, but I think the current plan is to go to selected/select girls’ schools and canvass for money. Right.

I can’t pretend I am surprised – they are waterpolo players after all. Where their souls used to be, there’s now an extra private part in its place.


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