and you should pay me, too!

Omg we only get our phone line on the 15th! Until then, my Internet usage is restricted to at school! Uh, no, not addicted, just – oh no, I feel so cold – GET AWAY! GET AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!


I didn’t lose my EZ Link card as previously fretted over. I left it in the library, the kind for which they stick your EZ Link card on the screen and make you write lines before they return it. I mean, I’m cool with writing lines, but what’s with sticking my EZ Link card for the whole literate Rafflesian world to see! I mean, seriously. With an EZ Link card photo like mine, you feel oddly naked when it’s outside the comfort of your wallet.

Jun Yong got pissed during PSGM today, because the Sec Ones were being horrible sarcastic bitches. I mean, being sarcastic is only cool when you’re funny. And non-Sec One-ish. I don’t feel so guilty about laughing about some of the alien-looking Sec Ones now, and about teasing them about their cheer.

I got a picture of everyone in 1L doing their class cheer handsigns. It cracks me up. Basically, everyone holds up “L” signs above their heads with both their hands. They did it so zealously, so enthusiastically during the camp, though they finally realized that it was making them look stupid, so now they only do it when I make them do it.

Me: Guys! Okay, uh, do the class cheer now! *holds up handsign* [to PSLs] Psst! Take photo!
Enthu guy: Okay! Are you ready?
1L: No.
Enthu guy: ARE YOU READY????
1L: NO!!!
Me: Okay, I give you discount. You just have to do the handsign, you don’t have to do the cheer. Okay?
[1L complies]
[Me takes photo. It was classic. At the end of the PSGM sessions, I’m going to send them the photo, and they will spend the next two years reminiscing. ]

Being good cam-slaves (for my cheap thrill) aside, they were being perfect assholes, so Jun Yong scolded them and left the class huffily.

We had to bring notable items for CLE. My stuff was all in boxes somewhere, so I described my stuff instead.

“My friend gave me a shirt for Christmas. It said “Sarcasm is one of the services I offer”. It’s pretty much true, because if you’re looking for some refreshing sarcasm around here, I can help.”

My new slogan.


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