I’m late! I’m late!

My house is in a veritable mess, and the Internet isn’t working for some reason, so I’m spending my free time in school typing this. JRIC is in an hour’s time! I move house tomorrow! My life is governed by dates and times and deadlines.

And I’ve been late for school twice in three days :o I woke up at 7.15 am today. I’ve got to stop!!! Apparently three late-for-schools and they call your parents. My second motto of the year is “To Wake Up At 6 am Every Morning For The Hope of a Better Age”.

(you notice how everything sounds nicer if you add “for the hope of a better age” at the back of it? Like, “screw you, for the hope of a better age!” “I need to surf pornographic websites, for the hope of a better age!”)

Rich: Hey Matthew! Oh, wait, let’s say it in a cutesy voice: Matt-HEW! MATT-hew! Uh, maTTHEW! Hmm, MAtthew!
Me: *blinks*

I swear, Rich is autistic.

PSGM was today as well. We hold weekly sessions with our Sec Ones in which we ask them questions and take away Julian’s handphone if he’s playing Worms Forts while we’re trying to carry out the survey. They STILL call me Grandmaster. I am awesome.

I have no idea if we’re corrupting them. If they happened to be listening to South Park soundtracks and giggling at the profanities, would remarking that I have watched and enjoyed the whole movie be leading them astray?

But, not like we’re not mature enough to avoid the negative influences of such crass media devices! I mean, we’re sensible enough to let only the good stuff influence us, you bigoted cocksuckers!

I also spent Chinese lesson coming up with caricatures of classmates, and quizzing Shihang and Rich. Shihang was pretty fast at guessing but Rich was really slow. I totally love my quiz! Shall scan it in as soon as I can –

Probably next week. I hope we unpack fast. I want to join many CCAs and get involved in community service, for the hope of a better age.

And CCA points.


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