all hot air

I tried to take photos throughout the Sec One orientation (spanning from Sec One Registration Day to today!) However, I didn’t really take many, and the few that I took were mediocre at best (screw you, 2 megapixel camera!) Yet the team comprising Nigel Fong and pals has put together a video about all the stuff!

Nigel helmed the Ops Control comm during orientation camp, which is basically the ones in charge of logistics. They spend most of their time in a seminar room, manning a 24-hour hotline and attending to other stuff, while the rest of us class-based PSLs frolic around with and torture Sec Ones under our wing. I have no idea why anyone would want to join Ops Control – it has sai gang written all over it. But I guess for having almost no fun whatsoever throughout the whole orientation process, Ops Control ought to be lauded.

To Ops Control.


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