everything with a motto sounds resolute enough

As such, my new motto of the year is “Things Will Get Done!”

A little late for such a motto, but self-discipline hasn’t been one of my virtues, I have paid dearly with my GPA.

But it’s never too late! The year has started prominently, and the online to-do list is helping. Instant coffee too, but I’m going to limit my coffee intake to one cup a day. Who knows, it may be carcinogenic or something. The second choice for my motto of the year had been “Everything Has Already Been Scientifically Proven To Be Carcinogenic, So Get A Guilt Trip Now, Noob!” but it was too long, so the current one will do for now.

Who knows, if I adhere to the motto for once, my motto next year could be “Things Will Get Done Properly!”


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