pinch my cheek, I have way too much

Yesterday was the first time I stepped into 4K, and I like where it is – the classroom nearest the staircase on the fourth floor. Could have been on a lower floor, but I’ve had much worse.

The teachers – we kept Messrs Vijay and Yuen and Ms Kuang.

Alicia Goh got married in the holidays in a nice quaint chapel in New Zealand by two ministers – she was Protestant and her husband was Catholic.

AG: So that was my biggest blast during the holidays! What was your biggest blast?
Me: Uh, I didn’t really go anywhere because we’re busy moving house. [pause] And I grew taller.
Class: WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to believe that my class is in fact taking a healthy concerned attitude in my growth. I mean, if I were to detect sarcasm in just about everything I see, I’d be a very unhappy person. I live with MYSELF everyday, for goodness’ sake!

Chong Han Guang was hilarious.

CHG: Okay, so the Group I elements are good reducing agents, right? Okay, Jonathan Lian, name one property of Group VII elements!
Jon Lian: Uh, they are good oxidising agents?
CHG: Very cheapskate, I like your style. Sit down.

He made Zaki stand for half the lesson because Zaki could not answer ANY of the questions directed at him, in classic Zaki style.

CHG: Uh, let’s get someone else to answer the question then. Matthew Chan!
Me: [stands] Yes sir?
CHG: Can you answer the question?
Me: Uhh. What’s the question?
CHG: *sighs* The question is, are you a student of 4K or not?
Me: Yes. [sits down]

And I wonder why people hate me.

Me: Haha, Rich! Were you born this dumb, or did you just slowly degenerate in secondary school?
Rich: *seethes*
Me: Oh, crap, I forgot to bring my wallet. Rich, lend me some money. Pleeeeease?
Rich: NO!
Me: WHAT! Why’re you being so mean to me, you asshole!

Sec Four is turning out to be way busier than I expected – with O’levels out of the way, we still have to get a good GPA and stuff to get good subjects in JC, which means that instead of just having to mug for the end of the year, we now have to do our best for the WHOLE YEAR.

WE MUST GET A MINIMUM 3.6 GPA TO EVEN BE ELIGIBLE FOR HUMANITIES SCHOLARSHIP! NO! I’m aiming for 3.8 anyway, but it’s getting me so stressed up.

We also have to prepare a Showcase Portfolio by Term Four, showcasing our best works done during the course of our four years, and defend it in front of selected teachers and very possibly our parents. Tell me that’s not stress.

What have I done to show for my three years in RI? What can I say I have done that truly makes myself proud? I mean, there’s still so many things I want to do, and I have one year left to do it!

I want to be part of the Hullett Dramafeste team. Cast or crew, it doesn’t really matter. I just want to be out there on the LT stage, doing my bit for my house and being better off for the experience.

I want to do a meaningful RE. I want to have a purpose in life. I want to be an enterpriser, make lots of money, settle down and have three kids.

I want to have meaning.

(and, hey, this isn’t emo. It isn’t emotional. Everyone thinks something not vaguely humorous or lighthearted is emotional. I prefer to call mine contemplative, because emotional is more of the “Nobody cares, nobody understands, I’m going to slit my wrists with a kitchen knife and not gonna apply any antiseptic cream, so there!” variety.)


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