everyone misses my acerbity, and I won’t disappoint.


zhi ming: Wow, you sound like you’re really good at making people feel all small and insignificant! Whoever you are.
Greg: For me, school starts tomorrow. No, exerting power over Sec Ones is not school.
stacy: Aw, I’m back ain’t I.
Nigel: I drew those on paper and scanned them in, you know. Yes, I can’t draw, but that shouldn’t stop me from materialising my phailish doodles! Dude, you should totally get a Douche Bag! (it comes with built-in fake tablet PC with ostentatious flashing lights where the USB ports are supposed to be)
pizzat: Agreed! But, not that I can draw any other way.
Dan: Don’t we all love screaming at Sec Ones and pretending to be stern! “SEC ONES, WHERE’S YOUR SENSE OF URGENCY??? *shakes leg and pokes at food*


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