pathetic soulless losers


We are 4K now, not 3K.

Also, I am a PSL!

I had to go to school at 6.40am to collect the PSL handbook, basically a 140+ page compilation of almost every single crucial PSL document that has seen light in the Yahoogroups, which was many. Then I went to 1L, which was on the third floor!

Oh and my pants are too short for me. It’s like, with every step I take my ankles get exposed, which I don’t think is supposed to happen. So, yay, I’m growing and will probably get new pants!

1L streamed in and immediately took seats right at the back of the class, staring at us PSLs with a mix of wonder and fear. Then we arranged tables for them to sit and brought them to morning assembly.

Recess –
Jarrell: [Our teacher] is like so boring! I bet his mother married a robot or something.
Me: Hmm… no, wait, his FATHER married a robot, otherwise his surname would be like Techatron.
Jarrell: Haha! So he’s like, half-human, half-robot!
Me: Yeah! That can totally be a Hollywood movie! Oh No, I’m Half Robot! “Adam Sandler was a normal office worker – until he found out that… his mother was a robot! [cue dramatic music] Now, Adam Sandler has to deal with his newfound robotic skills and movement! [cue highly animated cutscene] And use it to save the -“
Jarrell [wry grin]: I bet you’re totally going to blog about this.

1L’s form teacher was somewhat like my own Sec One form teacher – loud and firm. We played icebreakers.

Some kid: Hi! I’m Zeph and I’m from Nanyang Primary, just like the whole stretch of people from me till *random name*!

YES, there were nine people from Nanyang in a class of 31. Nanyang alumni are like America’s irritating stand-up comedians. (I just have no idea how.)

Some Sec Ones were pretty cool, but most of them were nerdish and goofy. Amit counted only five people in the class who wasn’t wearing glasses.

And we played station games and everything. I’m not too bad as a PSL, I think. I talk to them occasionally (“Hello!” “Uh… hi.” “Your name’s Ian right!” “Uh… yeah.” “Okay! Bye!” “…”) and give them encouraging shouts, like “You can do better!” and “Not bad!”

And there was a PSL meeting that threatened to end at five, but ended at 6.30 instead.

Sec One Orientation Camp from tomorrow till Saturday night. Ta!


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