the proverbial annual introspective post, 2007

2007 has been widely eventful.

Though, really, I don’t remember much of it. (other than CAP and and Lit Sem and Literally Literary – and honestly, I don’t even remember much of CAP anymore. Is my 2007 Highlight Of The Year to be traumatising?? Meh!) Yet I’ve grown 10cm in the past year, so I’m guessing that 2007 was really cool.)


Some say that Sec 3 is the most eventful year of the four, as you take on (limited) seniority in the school and still not face the pressure of Chinese O’ Levels! It was pretty eventful, getting used to ten subjects and all that. Class-wise, everything was quite awesome. I’d thought that nothing would be better than 2P’06, but 3K was pretty cool. Sure, every class has its share of retarded oddballs, but you get used to them sooner or later, and it’s always easy once you start treating them like pieces of furniture.

No, I am NOT referring to myself when I say “retarded oddballs”.


I’ll be honest. I suck at waterpolo, and I hate it. I do not know how I managed to want to join it in the first place, and I foresee no future in this sport, which is why I don’t try anymore. I like it as a sport, but I am not a jock, and I just don’t click with most of my teammates. We have absolutely nothing in common, and that is why I won’t spend much time in a CCA that has nothing left to offer me.

I’m still in the Rafflesian Times exco (I think) and it’s been pretty cool so far (other than the times when we actually have to do work). It’s so fulfilling to trick the juniors into doing all the dirty work and making them think their work is important!


Up to the start of this year, my hair closely resembled a bowl cut, and while I’ve survived 2007 without regularly relying on any hair gel or wax, yet my hair has seen a variety of amusing poofy styles, especially in the mornings. With infrequent haircuts, who needs Gatsby?

Yet I actually got a haircut today. It looks pretty good, as short hair goes.


I haven’t turned water into wine yet, but all I have is an inkling more about God and stuff. And I have definitely been changed slightly, becoming a better person or something. Yes, class, I COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE. Don’t push it.

Seriously, though,

2 “Meaningless! Meaningless!”
says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.”

3 What does man gain from all his labor
at which he toils under the sun?

~Ecclesiastes 1:2-3

It is so true, and when the Bible gets all cynical, you can probably believe it. It’s really easy to be caught up in “big stuff”, like friends and enemies and girls, but in the end, what can you take to Heaven/Hell? Not much, apparently. I guess this is the first step towards becoming a better Christian: realising that not much matters, and focusing instead on the things that do.


This sounds weird, but, after CAP, I’m starting to enjoy writing prose less, and writing non-fiction more. I mean, I feel at home when I’m blogging, but I tend to try much too hard in prose, and become emo and stuff. I’m still pretty much in love with Lit at the moment, though – just not the skirt-wearing variety.

“Lit is for nerds lor. Every day read book.” said my waterpolo junior, Ryan, during the Indonesia camp. I can still remember it offhand because it was so ludicrous at the time, and such a typically jock attitude.

Well, Ryan, you can go fug yourself.

And that concludes my year, I suppose. Ironic that this is probably the first sane post of the year, which is why I shall be uploading photos of bunnies now.

Sane has no place here, and I totally want a bunny!


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