aw, don’t have a cow

PSL meeting at eight to twelve again. For this, being a PSL sucks. We got to test out the orientation camp though, which was pretty cool. I vaguely recall some events from our own orientation camp ’05 – I wonder how much of that they’ve actually ripped off.

Me: Oh yeah, you know the skanky cow dance?
Geoff: Uh huh.
Me: There’s a skanky cow song to go along with it! It goes like: [in sexy tone] Moo moo moo, moo moo moo! Oh, moo moo? Yeah, moo moo moo!
Geoff: …
Me: Oh, so they start milking her udders during the refrain, right? Then –
Geoff: What’s WRONG with you?!

Oh, cripes, I totally love the skanky cow dance.

(And you know GV Vivo? When I went to watch I Am Legend with my class, I bought the popcorn combo and got a free cow piggy bank!

Hmm, wanna go out tonight?

I can’t do much, but I can wiggle my butt if you give me corresponding shoves!

Unfortunately, I will never ever marry a cow, for I love beef too much for that, and it’s probably illegal to cook your wife into steak. Or something.)

But anyway we finally went home, and I went to the firm that gave me a part-time job to collect my second paycheck. It’s not much, but then again I didn’t really do much as well, and it’s always good to have extra dosh. And then I stopped by Tanglin Mall to get some baking stuff for tomorrow, and wanted to have a chicken wing from one of those fancy shmancy delicatessens, but they were sold out, so I went to the food court and had beef ball noodles instead.

DEFINITELY no cow bride.


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