hey hey you you!

There was a leadership camp thing going on in school today, which all PSLs had to attend. Leaders are cool; they just point at random people and shout, “Go do this! Go do that!”

I arrived TEN minutes early, which proves that my lateness disease is regressing! Woohoo! (but, nah, I think I just miscalculated the time)

There were all manners of leadership-related activities and inspirational talks – it was pretty good while it lasted, but I can’t remember anything now. I think it was something about the Rafflesian Spirit. Aren’t they all. I’ve always been of the opinion that the Rafflesian Spirit is just some cheap rip-off of the Holy Spirit. I mean, “fire of the Rafflesian Spirit burning in your belly”? Sounds like the Virgin Mary, much?

Conan’s homophobic, and he’s also gay. I had no idea.

Oh, then, went to grab a bite at Yakun with Junyong, Sean and Jarrell.

Jarrell: Haha, Borat doesn’t look British at all!
Junyong: Borat’s not really British. He’s a Jew.
Me: Hahaha! Jews suck! *looks around shiftily*
Jarrell: You know, someday someone’s gonna beat you up.

Hey, controversy sells! It’s like a convenient substitution for wit.

Then we saw an RGS girl, which conveniently happened to Junyong’s friend, at the cakery. In awkward situations, there has to be a random extra who rubs it in and invites full-blown embarrassing situations. I took that burden.

Me: Hey, Junyong, let’s go meet your “family”! Hahaha!
Junyong: Okay lah, let’s go! *drags me to the cakery*
Me: Whoa, no thanks… it’s okay, dude! I don’t even know her!
Junyong: She knows who you are! She reads your blog, and she saw you when your skirt dropped!
Me: … what?

She looked like a typical RGS performing arts person. They all look the same. And we made small talk and I scampered away.

I haven’t been on Friendster in ages, but it’s still nice to see who’s been viewing your profile, because occasionally you get people like a particular “Stefi Ooi”. Haha! She hasn’t got any friends! I am NOT SURPRISED. Ten-year-olds shouldn’t be getting Friendsters. Sex maniacs may actually add them to write testimonials, and we all know how traumatizing that could be.


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