my foot and the NEL train needs to meet

My presents were almost all clothing of some sort.

Thanks to everyone who gave me presents, and seven years of famine upon those who didn’t!

(Everything sounds cool if it’s Biblical, even if it makes no sense at all or randomly taken out of context. HE SPILLED HIS SEMEN ON THE GROUND! LIFE IS MEANINGLESS! HATE YOUR PARENTS! etc etc. I have no idea whether to be amused or highly freaked out by the Bible, at times.)

Christmas outing with friends

I spent Christmas morning with my mom and sister, because we tried to change the jeans Mom got me for a size larger, but there weren’t any, so I’ll probably just have to get a new pair like in two months’ time.


Around four, Jarrell asked me to meet at Dhoby Ghaut MRT because they wanted to play pool before the movie. We met, but the others were stuck at Harbourfront MRT because the NEL had broken down.

On Christmas Day.

We tried to take the NEL the other direction to meet them at Harbourfront, but we didn’t think it was wise.

I made some racist comment upon seeing the crowd. I can’t remember what exactly.

“Slight delay”, my ass.

23 minutes for both trains! HIGH SCORE! (and the other train isn’t planning to arrive at all)

So we met Sean and we took a taxi to Vivocity, meeting up with the rest of them. Ten people came, which wasn’t that bad a turnout.

I Am Legend had a pretty good concept, even though it seemed really absurd at some parts. It was pretty freaky when the zombie things popped up, screaming their ugly heads off. I totally don’t have a stomach for horror movies and the likes. I have too good an imagination for them, and I scare myself really badly as it is.

Me: Argh! Anna’s going to become a zombie! I think her son’s also a zombie! It’ll be one big zombie and one small zombie! Argh!!!!! *cowers in seat* Why can’t we watch Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium or Alvin and the Chipmunks instead!

I didn’t get some parts, but I’m not going to spoil the movie for you.

After the movie, I started acting like a zombie. I suffer from the disease Must Act Out Recently-Watched Movies, which occurs mostly in little kids, and teens that think they are.


Koon had a shirt that said Chick Magnet.


We did go to Dhoby Ghaut to play pool afterwards, because the system was working again, thank God. It was the second time I’d played pool at Le Meridian (the first with church friends), and the second time in my life as well. I think I’m pretty good for a newbie! Which is pretty refreshing, seeing as it’s hard enough already to find anything I don’t suck at.

Went home at 11+ pm – third day in a row to do so.


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