big mac did it! big mac did it!

I feel really lethargic. I blame it on the Christmas shopping, and Satan. (you can blame everything on McDonalds, the Japanese and Satan, and still get away with it. In that order.) I’ll have to reach school at 7.05 a.m. tomorrow to serve the school in a long-sleeved shirt and a half-witted simper.

I need a haircut, which shall be duly gotten in the last few days of the year. I’m almost as bad as Harry Potter in that respect, except that Hogwarts doesn’t have hair checks.

Shall bake muffins tomorrow night instead, since I’ve got to sleep soon. I was at the supermarket getting the ingredients earlier in the day, when my eyes rested on the devious Betty Crocker section. Argh!!!! Homemade cookies in just 20 minutes! it screamed. It was sin incarnate.

I grabbed a packet.


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