beef mcmooty

There was a PSL briefing today, which was a waste of a day better spent at home on the sofa or in bed. I’ll have to wear long sleeves, a blazer and black shoes on Friday for quite a while. Gosh, it’s SINGAPORE. You should be happy I’m not wearing slippers. (Slippers are so good.)

Tomorrow’s free, though. I reckon I’ll just go out and have a nice shop around Orchard again. A large part of Christmas shopping is for yourself, really. You’re on the pretext of looking for stuff that others may or may not like, but you’re always on the lookout for something that looks better on YOURSELF. And shopping is kinda fun when there aren’t many people.

I feel like baking something.

And I had lunch at Subway today! I don’t normally eat there, because it’s expensive, but I love it. The cookies, the 6-inch bun with lots of meat, cheese and veg. And it’s supposedly really healthy as well! Whatever. I rate it my favourite fast food joint, with Carl’s Jr and Yoshinoya close seconds and thirds.

McDonalds is an enigma, though. Everyone clearly knows that they’re selling lame excuses for “food”, but we still buy there all the time anyway. It’s like they’re drilling “It’s Not Real Fries, It’s Not Even Legally Potato, But It’s Okay” messages into our head!

Hmm. Weird. I bet they could come up with weird products like Veggie McMeaty and Pork McHalal, and still get away with it, those sneaky bastards.


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