address my suicidal tendency

Talking about my new home-to-be
Shanzhi: Oh, I live at Ang Mo Kio too!
Matthew: Yeah, I know. Which avenue?
Shanzhi: 4.
Matthew: Hey, that’s the same as me!
Shanzhi: Haha! Which block?
Matthew: *has bad feeling* What’s your block?
Shanzhi: 614.
Matthew: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I’m at 616!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111oneoneone!!!111 *hyperventilates*

Being excitable is generally a good thing, except when you find out that you’re due to be Head Boy’s neighbour.

I can so totally see this as a Hollywood summer movie.

Adam Sandler was an ordinary office worker! He had the cash, the car AND the babes. BUT – he’s going to find out exactly what it feels like – to have the HEAD BOY living next to him.

*cue some crude and sexually offensive cutscenes*

Adam Sandler: Hey! Who the hell are you!
Rob Schneider: Yo! I’m the Head Boy! *proceeds to do something totally unnecessary and irritating*

Coming Soon To Theatres… The Head BoyHe’s coming to town.

You know, I enjoyed movies much better before I found out that all Hollywood films were generally formulaic and forced humour.


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