maybe with some acne and tattoos

I went for some Christmas shopping today.

South Park figurines are for 18 and above, and to my (dis)credit I look eight years below that. Which is not the problem, except that they don’t have the designs I like, except the boyband one which features all four of them, but it is $65. Oh, I want that SO desperately! But I CAN’T get it for myself. Sigh. I’ll just have to GO WITHOUT IT.

I only bought a black notebook and two music albums. All for myself.

I am such a selfish asshole. I wonder how I do it.

I have decided to keep a diary. I hate writing with pen and paper, but it’s always nice to keep something in writing, in case the Internet gets burnt down in a fire.

It has black pages, which means that pencil looks cool on it.

I like pencil.

Oh, and Twelve Stops and Home is a really nice album, or maybe songs just sound nicer if you don’t rip it off YouTube, Limewire or Radioblogclub.


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