for Christ’s sake

Yes, The Golden Compass is anti-Christ. Get over it.

I have no idea why parents and reverent reverends are up at arms against their children watching the movie, or reading the books. The more they do this, the more they’re only proving the point of the movie.

The Golden Compass is chock-full with symbolisms vilifying the Roman Catholic Church and suggesting that they tried to prevent the progress of science and such. Yet why should that automatically make it, by Christian standards, false?

No one can deny that the Church has done many bad stuff in the past. This year, I’ve been through so many History lessons about how the Church has been leading commoners astray and ostracising the finest of scientists, etcetera. I don’t have a doubt that these are all true.

Are Christians shutting their ears to such facts, or are they merely being bigots? I think that they don’t understand the implications of the books / movie. They think that those are making attacks on God. Frankly, from what I understand, the “openly atheist author” is in fact ‘only’ criticising the Roman Catholic Church and its maniac possessiveness of the world (for the first book, at least).

No, it is not the same thing. God is perfect, but we have to understand that His followers will never be. They are human, after all, and it is natural that Christians fall at times. The Bible was directed by God, but it will be misinterpreted at times, through human eyes, and wrong actions will consequently be taken in (over-)zealous bids to fulfill God’s wishes.

Truth is, the Church was flawed in the past, and it is still flawed today.

But it shouldn’t really matter to your faith in God, should it?


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