chicken nut bread! somebody SAVE HER!

I’ll be off to church for three nights in a couple of hours. I’m in the games committee, which means I have to stay over.

Don’t worry, I miss you. You are my favourite computer, EVER!


I’m a little worried about myself.

You see, I’ve outgrown my shoes. Which would have been totally normal and all, except that I bought them two months ago.

Stupid freakish feet. You think you’re COOL huh, just because you got your growth spurt earlier than me? You’re nothing! NOTHING!

I think I should just go about wearing insoles strapped to my feet with rubber bands for the next couple of years. Saves so much money – and who knows. It might be a new fashion next year!

I mean, if Crocs can get into fashion, ANYTHING can.

I hate the monsoon, and I hate how it’s associated with my birth month.

Yes, it’s refreshing to have rain just when it’s way too hot – but anything that cannot be planned and prepared for doesn’t agree with my way of life.

My Crumplers keep getting wet and incapacitated one after the other, which ruins my most brilliant of bag rotation plans. Talk about annoying. In fact, I think kids living in the desert have it so good, because they never have to worry about torrents! How utterly lucky and privileged they are. WE Singaporeans are the poor ones who have to deal with so much water.

Okay, I was being sarcastic, which means that no one can sue me.


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