drunk on miso? it wouldn’t be the first time

Yesterday was pretty awesome.

The Golden Compass was touted as “anti-Christ” and “written by crazy vengeful atheist”. It turned out to be nothing more than a children’s fantasy novel made into a Harry Potter-esque movie (not forgetting, of course, those green flashing screens every five seconds or so blaring “GET MCDELIVERY NOW!”). Wasn’t really impressed by the movie, but Stacy and Greg claim that the books are better, and five Harry Potter movies have taught me that good books yield crappy movies, so I shall probably go read them.

And then we spent more than half an hour deciding where to eat (including a not-so-brief stopover at Starbucks) before deciding for Ichiban Sushi. Innuendo was pretty high after the movie, and it positively peaked during dinner. Geoffrey ordered “itchy buns” from a highly confused waitress, while I flaunted my sashimi. Stacy is more perverted than she lets on. Deborah was mildly amused and largely nonchalant.

There was a Pokemon exhibition at Plaza Sing, and it was highly entertaining. Random pudgy Pokemon (with highly deformed faces, especially Meowth) were dancing on stage. Perfect for the takeover of our innocent, ingenuous inner children.

Greg: Meowth looks hot!!!!!
Me: I want to carry your babies, Meowth!!!!

Pikachu was so average. It occurred to me that the people inside the suits couldn’t see where they were going, which was why Pikachu nearly fell down once, and Totodile fell on the fiery ball on Charmander’s tail to comic effect. And Treecko had an extraordinarily large bushy tail, et cetera.

I spent good times, and much more money.


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