the importance of being youthful

Lately, I have been forgetting what I wanted to blog about, especially those random quirks of inspiration you get on the streets. As such, I actually wrote down a few stuff I wanted to blog about.

Alas, the disadvantages of old age!

I wanted to go to the library today, but when I arrived at library@orchard, the doors were closed. A sign on the doors told me that library@orchard had closed – yesterday.

Damnit! I’d always known they’d be closing down someday, but surely not the day BEFORE a Saturday in which I had nothing better to do, not even training! Gee.

I thus went to Kinokuniya, and spent an hour in there. That place is awesome, especially armed with my $20 voucher (that I haven’t spent since I got it in August). But the problem was finding a book to actually spend it on.

In the end, I settled for Why The Toast Always Lands Butter-Side Down: The Science of Murphy’s Law. Awesome book. A little bit more technical and sciencey that I had expected, but dumbed down enough for me to understand.

slowbeatofdoom’s Special Feature Of The Post – Rogue Optical Illusions! Post the answers on the tagboard and win me a $5 note!

Invaluable Hint: If you think the answer is racist, it probably is.

After over four hundred blog posts, I’m running out of ideas quicker than Xiaxue in a room full of half naked males. Hurry! Suggest what you’d like to see in the next post before….. I start reusing old post material! *gasp*


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