hopefully, your mental deformity lessens next year

OMG. Greg‘s right, and reading your blog archives is just about the last thing you should do when you’re trying to feel better about yourself.

I mean, I was so un-cynical, it wasn’t even funny. I actually tried to care about stuff, and rant about them!

How very impractical of me.

Also, I used to come up with more weak attempts at humour than, um, usual! Not much fart humour, but almost as bad. I shan’t even copy-and-paste snippets up here.

Still, glad to know that I’m so much more normal these days.

You know, my perception of normal.

Oh, speaking of normality and lack thereof, I decided to have my cereal this morning – with Milo instead of milk! I mean, who ever said cereal can ONLY be accompanied with milk? I thought smugly as I poured the Milo into my bowl with calm, aplomb and general dementedness. And it wasn’t all that bad.

Change is good! I figure I should try Digestive biscuits in my cereal next. Or maybe even pierce my bread and give it purple eyeliner.


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