very important, I’d say

I went for training today! That makes two trainings in a row I’ve attended!

That is very freaking good, and I’ll not have anyone disagree.

I’ve reached the stage in my CCA where I’ve resigned to having to live in the same world as my CCA mates. I mean, they’re stupid and arrogant and all, but they have their fine points as well!

I just don’t know what they are.

Oh, but Jiao Lian, our coach from China (many sports CCAs seem to have coaches from China), is a really cool guy.

Jiao Lian: Everyone come here!
*Some people are still in the pool, taking their time*
Jiao Lian: Fuck you!

And the teachers in-charge wonder why waterpolo guys are so vulgar.

After training, I decided to go Kinokuniya to try searching for my Lit texts. Then I found a few editions of The Importance of Being Earnest and decided that I would get none of those, since I didn’t know which edition was on the booklist. Then I went to Borders and did the same.

Then I decided to read the online text of TIoBE instead – before I got sidetracked by YouTube. What’s new?

Specifically, videos by Guinness World Records. These people are crazy. I should set some record like “Longest Amount Of Time For Someone To Throw A Handphone At Least Two Metres Away Before Walking To The Same Handphone And Pretending To Beatbox While Watching Barney On A Television Three Metres Away”.

I think I’d almost last a minute.


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