nonchalance is the tool of the great

If spending five consecutive days with the RI waterpolo team is an acquired taste, I don’t think I’ll be acquiring that taste very soon.

I’m not at the stage yet where I can make being very horny and being very stupid look natural.

These guys can link any subject-matter in the world to sex.

And not in a very artful way, either.

Team aside, Indonesia was rather fascinating.

It’s quite cool how a country can suck so much. The streets were lined with litter, there were like fifteen street pedlars in a three kilometer radius of the hotel, and the swimming pool water was slightly MURKY.

And this was a relatively upmarket area in the capital of Indonesia.

The shopping mall was not unlike Singapore’s, which meant that there was no point buying stuff… other than really cheap donuts (mmm… donuts) and really cheap games for the DS.

Oh, and never underestimate a women’s waterpolo team.

They get to scratch, pull, kick and touch you at just about anywhere, while you can’t really do anything to them.

Random Dumb Waterpolo Guy 1: The girls pulled us at, like, everywhere!
RDWG 2: EVERYWHERE? *giggles*
*RDWG 1 giggles as well, and mimes pulling dick*

As you can see, my teammates think being horny is cool.

Oh, then the last night the Jakarta team sponsored a dinner at a Tung Lok restaurant, which was really nice of them, because Tung Lok doesn’t come cheap, especially in rupiah. The food was good as well.

And the night before THAT, some rich kid’s bigwig father sponsored a movie/dinner for us! We went to some posh lounge and dined to a (horrid) live band performance, before going to equally posh theatre not unlike Gold Class (GV Vivocity). At the airport in Indonesia we were stuck in the Customs queue, before the father had a word with an official. We walked through a side passage and skipped Customs. The father was rather nice. Wish I could say the same about his son.

The trip was fun, but only because I stayed away from the stupid-and-horny teammates, mostly. They think I suck, and, frankly, the feeling is mutual.


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