the really long post

The Pithy Preface

This post is so long, it needs a pithy preface. And scintillating sub-headings and stuff. We’re almost respectable.

Incredible Indonesia

Packing for another country (not called Malaysia or Sentosa) is a particularly arduous process, especially to fickle-minded people like yours truly.

It’s like, Should I bring just one book, or should I bring another two? Should I bring the chess set, or will the cards suffice? Should I bring two pairs of trunks? Should I bring the bedside lamp, or will I trust the Indonesian lights? Should I bring two toothbrushes, or two tubes of toothpaste in case the first one gets pickpocketed?

It’s times like this when you want to bring your house along with you, in case you forget to bring something.

Snails have it so good.

You’re worth your weight in rupiah.

There’s something really fun about going to Indonesia.

You get to feel really rich.

A millionaire is me! 1.22 million rupiah, to be exact. (all of SGD$200. I kid you not.)

I mean, they don’t even MAKE 100k notes in Singapore.

Search for the Divine Speedos

I bought my pair of Speedos for the trip! I needed new trunks, and I got them! For $24.15, it looked pretty nice.

It even has a red Speedo logo on it.




Worst. Slogan. Ever.

A rather disturbing scene in Popular bookstore: rows and rows of imitation Rubik’s cubes called Magic Squares, selling at $1.90.

Hasta la vista.


Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go


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