deluge deluge!

Nigel: My song is hard to sing, especially since my vocal range is as large as, um, a really small elephant! (Aha, aha, ha ha ha!) And Theodore was replaced by Geoffrey in the final performance, remember?
issy: I credit my newfound controversy.
jonlian: Haha you were supposed to be a PSL right? Softball is so hardcore.
beverly: Eh? What’s that?
geoff: Aw… I have no idea how they pick the people anyway.
Dan: Aye. What happened to it?
zhi ming: Yeah, but being a PSL is totally worth dropping your GPA! Plus, it looks good on the CV, which makes up for sucky grades anyway. (but that’s not why I want to be a PSL.)
charmaine: Why, you ARE very late! I changed it as early as September.
jianxiong: Laissez sounds so much nicer to me!
Greg: Ha! Amazing how MS Paint can convey the idea of apathy and nonchalance so well!


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