I mean, who cares about the theme?

I will be a class PSL for 1L’08, which is most probably a GEPper class. I’m not in any PSL committee, but I suppose things could be worse. Like, I could have become a non class-based PSL, which totally takes the fun out of being a PSL.

The PSLs have decided to dub next year’s orientation theme as “Lassair – Flame On”.

It means ‘flame’ in Gaelic or something, which is totally creative and original, considering our own theme in Sec 1 was ‘Illume’ – to light up. I mean, stop with the allusions to ‘flame’ and Prometheus already.

I recommend a new theme – but don’t quote me on this.

It’s called Laissez – We Totally Care About You.

See! I even have a banner for it!

Remember, juniors, WE CARE!


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