vaguely funny

There was a class gathering yesterday, at Daniel’s house! It’s at Bukit Timah, the kind with a swimming pool, a basement, and generally nice hotel-like rooms. I feel so inspired. I shall grow up grubbing for money just to get a cool house like that, like be a lawyer or something. I mean, a swimming pool!

My GPA got drastically pulled up to 3.51 by way of moderation, which kind of hits the “Marginally Above Average” band, and I got 4.0s in English and Lit! Yay!

It’s not so easy to get hooked on Facebook anymore. I’m barely on anymore, except to discover new apps and get bored of them.

It’s hard to coexist peacefully with the world when you have an attention span of five seconds (I can go on the Net, download software, try it out AND uninstall it in about three minutes, it’s freaky)

And omg I’ve never gotten why people would take close-up emo photos of themselves and upload them on Facebook, when they have PIMPLES and have an ugly face.

(Without having Photoshopped the photos, I mean. Let’s just assume from now on that whenever I refer to anything, it has already been Photoshopped beforehand.)

But, srsly. Patting down your fringe and staring into the camera like a constipated David Blaine DOES NOT make you cute.

I have to pack my room for the holidays, since we’re moving in Dec/Jan.

I hate packing.

I mean, some people are just different. You may like your clean and tidy floors and table, but I like getting soothed by the constant stacks and piles of worksheets and clothes in my room! I ought to be respected for my non-conformist beliefs! What’s wrong with leaving a trail of worksheets and files everywhere I go??

(Plus, packing takes too much time off my Rest & Relaxation time.)


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