I’m a little affronted at the fact that Ms T Lai (Director of Raffles Academies or something) was offended by Literally Literary, and that she went to express her displeasure to Ms Kuang. Apparently she was offended by Fatal Beatings o_O

Fatal Beatings was so harmless. I mean, if she wanted to complain about the excessive crossdressing in the parodies, I suppose it IS totally our fault that we didn’t have girls in RI to act out the many female roles in King Lear.

But, Fatal Beatings? The one identical in essence to the famous Rowan Atkinson sketch? What did it offend or insinuate, really? The humour in the sketch was the fact that the Headmaster had a really warped idea of the seriousness of various stuff, and we obviously didn’t intend one bit to discredit our own hallowed Headmaster.

Gee. You should understand now how I hate talking to people with no sense of humour. Putting personal trauma aside, I feel that we had done a great job on Tuesday night. We are literature students. We are meant to cater to the needs of the audience today, to entertain them and keep them content, and I believe we did it. We made rude jokes, we overstepped boundaries, but I think that should be the minimum expected of a literature student. I personally feel that Ms T Lai might have expected the night to be a solemn ceremony of courtly drama productions, but am sorry to say that she cannot, and will not get that from Lit RA. Literally Literary was a success, and we will not stand for anyone telling us otherwise.

I mean, a non-controversial Lit student is like, soft plushy cushion without the stuffing.


One thought on “phantasmagoric

  1. Matthew,
    I didn’t receive any complaints from Mrs. Lai. In fact, she was very entertained and impressed with your range of talents. She said that she wished more of the school leadership could have been there.
    So yes, I’d say LL was a huge success!
    Ms Kuang

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